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          ส่งเงินบาทไทย นักพนันบอลมืออาชีพ

          Poetry Library Southbank Centre - The Poetry Library housing the Arts Council Collection at Southbank Centre

          poem of the week

          "That one -
          I want to dance through his skin."

          Maureen Weldon

          To read the poem, click here

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          • Agenda

            Explore poems from the Middle East as part of Poetry International 2015... Read more

          • Agenda

            Celebrate Greek Poetry: New Voice and Ancient Echoes, with this issue of Agenda... Read more

          • Poetry Parnassus

            Celebrate the radical history of Poetry Review with these issues from the 60s, 70s and 80s... Read more

          • Poetry Parnassus

            Read poems from Poetry Parnassus in an issue of Modern Poetry in Translation... Read more

          • Poems About Love

            Read a selection of poems across the site written about love... Read more

          • Festival of Britain

            Read poetry magazines that were published in 1951 during the original Festival of Britain... Read more

          • Poems About Death

            Read a selection of poems across the site written about death and bereavement... Read more

          • Librarians' favourite magazines

            Read a selection of favourite magazines from previous Poetry Librarians as part of the library's 60th celebrations in October 2013...  Read more

          This website was archived in March 2018. We won't be making any further updates but the content is still available for you here.

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          most recent additions

          Here are some of the features we've added most recently...


          futura is a series of influential, innovative poetry broadsides published by Hansjorg Mayer between 1965 and 1969  
          ...Read more

          Private Tutor

          We're delighted to bring you a full run of Private Tutor,    
          including work by Simon Cutts, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan  ...Read more


          A special edition of Agenda, guest edited by David
          Connolly. This issue 
          focuses on Greek
          Poetry: New Voices and 
          Anicent Echoes. 
          The new voices include Yannis Kondos,
          Athina Papadaki and Alexandra
          alongside ancient echoes from Homer
          ... Read more